Governor Murphy’s Grade Today

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Today is Phil Murphy’s 2nd day in office.  Another good day for him.  He signed an executive order on ethics that essentially means if the King of Jordan wants to take him to an NFL game, he either won’t go, or he’ll pay his own way.   Murphy said he is going to take the salary that comes with the job – nothing wrong with that.  Other wealthy governors have done the same.  Murphy met with his cabinet-to-be, and then went to Newark to meet with 32BJ SEIU, where he repeated his pledge to raise the minimum wage to $15 – one of the themes that helped him win a solid victory last November.  Not sure if he was wearing shoes or All Birds today.

(PoliticsDW will give Murphy a grade every day — either a check, a check plus, a check minus, or an incomplete.  He’ll get a letter grade every week.)

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